“When Milosz Klimezak was 6 years old his parents noticed that one of his legs were longer than the other. He was taken to a clinic in Bytom, Poland where the doctors said he had Muscular Dystrophy and that he would die before the age of 12. A death sentence.”
– Milo’s Mother

The only solution they were given was a $150K Myoblast transplant. An impossible amount of money for the Klimezak family to obtain, but they defied. Milosz’ parents organized concerts, festivals and wrote countless letters to raise money for the procedure. They moved mountains and it paid off.

However, this was only a temporary solution. Myoblast transplantations are required to be repeated every four years. Eight years after the transplant he’d graduated college but the disease was twice as bad.

At age “30” Milosz is defying the odds. He now has a wife and a contagious optimism that keeps him fighting for his chance to live.

To drive awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and raise money for the Milosz Foundation we’ve set out to defy another human constraint: We’re going to swim 300 kilometers under water. Now let’s help him defy his death sentence and beat the disease once and for all.


The Guinness world record attempt for the longest underwaterjet-propelled dive.
3 divers. 30 days. 300 kilometers.
From Marsa Alma to Hurghada in the Red Sea.

How are we going to break the record?

By swimming underwater 300km, the attempt is done by 3 professional divers, in 30 days.

How do we raise awareness and money?

Via the website, each person can sponsor a meter of distance by
1) simply spreading the word on a social channel (help raise awareness)
2) Donating directly to the foundation or supporting the journey  (help raise money)

What is each meter worth?

1 Meter = 1 social share or $1

Other ways of engaging users?

Additional execution will be asking people to defy own “challenges” using our platform